Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knitting for Obama

I'm in a Ravelry group called "Knitters for Obama." They got a little fed up with the negative media that was happening in this election, and decided to do something about it. In each state that still has a primary, they are collecting baby hats & bibs to do a mass donation in honor of Obama. We all know how much I love knitting baby hats, so I had to contribute a few.

The plan is to use the campaign colors (or, quite honestly, whatever you have in your stash). I ran over to Jo-Ann's and picked up some Caron Simply Soft in red and white, and some Vanna's Choice in Blue. They didn't quite have the right color of blue in Caron at the time, so I did a little mix and matching. I like the results!

These little things knit up pretty fast, so I'm hoping to get a few more than my initial pledge of 6 completed. They've collected about 100 for the Pennsylvania primaries, and the movement seems to be gaining momentum. If you're interested in donating a few, see this thread for details.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yarn Harlot Visit

On Friday, the Yarn Harlot was in Ann Arbor, and Amy and I went down to see. We did a lot of yarn shopping, and for the most part, I was good. I did accidentally buy some Noro to make a striped scarf while I was at Busy Hands. Oops. They were having a 20% off the entire store sale. Resistance was futile.

We got to the library an hour early, but we still had to sit in the overflow room. Rumors were flying that people started getting there as early as 1pm for a 7pm talk. I think I preferred yarn shopping. She was really funny, and I laughed the whole time. I must confess, I don't read her blog as religiously as others, but I didn't realize she would be quite so much fun.

We stood in line for hours to meet her. Literally. We were the last people to get in line, and we didn't leave the library until 10:30 at night. We happened to get in line behind people that were fun and chatty, so the time went by a lot faster than it could have.

It doesn't look like much of a line, but this was how many people were ahead of us after about an hour and a half of standing around knitting.

It was a great night, and I'm so glad that I went. Although there was one rather awkward moment of the night.

Random Lady: You could have went to the front of the line!
Me: (puzzled look) What? Why?
RL: Stephanie loves women like you!
Me: Like me!?
RL: Yes, Pregnant women!
Me: (Awkward silence)

Ummmm... I'm not pregnant. Apparently just fat.

(I did get my picture made with the Harlot, but it's an extremely unflattering photo so it isn't getting posted. Instead, look at my sock!)

It's much cuter than the bitter face that I was still sporting after the earlier comment.