Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An unexpected cable problem

I'm one of those knitters who gets on a kick of something and can't seem to stop. The latest is a cables. I started this scarf tonight, and unless I'm just absolutely insane.. my scarf looks nothing like the picture on the pattern. My cables are the traditional twist while their picture makes it look more like an upside down V.

Don't get me wrong, I really like how mine is turning out. I stared at the pattern all night trying to figure out what I've done, and I get nothing. Any advice is appreciated. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cables aren't really THAT bad..

After getting a cable needle the other day, I was itching to learn how to actually use it. It was surprisingly easy. I found a pattern online that didn't look too difficult, and I cast on. It knit up in no time, although I did make it a little shorter than normal because it is going to my step-sister who is 12. It is another Christmas gift, of course!

Since I wasn't accustomed to using the cable needle, I probably should have started off on something that required a few less stitches to be put on the cable needle. Apparantly, I knit a little too snug, and it was a struggle to get all 8 stitches off the needle. It got better towards the end, but you really can't tell too much of a difference. It is a really lovely pattern.

As I was finishing up the scarf, Jasmine refused to get off my lap. So, to get her back I made her wear the scarf for awhile. She didn't seem to mind, but is giving the camera the meanest look I think I've ever seen.

Pattern: Quick Knit Reversible Rib Scarf - Free!
Cost: About $3 in Caron Simply Soft stash yarn
Time: 8-10 hours Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006


So, instead of working on my thesis that needs to be in final form in T minus 2 weeks, I finished up Block 8 on the Moderne Baby Blanket this evening. I must say that I think it is starting to look good.. although the camera makes the colors look horrendous (the colors are bright, but not quite enough to make you dizzy if you stare at it for too long).

Rumor has it that my family is getting me a replacement digital camera for my birthday. This is one rumor involving me that I am hoping is going to turn out to be true. Posted by Picasa

Non-knitting Weekend

I didn't get much knitting accomplished this weekend, but I did get the knitting deal of a lifetime. I got a $5 coupon in the mail from Erica's in the mail this week, and it turns out that Saturday was their Sidewalk Sale, where you could get one item for 25% off. I purused through the yarns for about a half hour and talked myself out of several large purchases to keep with the whole Summer of Stash theme. (I've been really good about not buying yarn unless it was needed to complete a project that was well underway.) I wound up buying some size 7 double points and a cable needle and after taxes paid 20 cents for both. You read that right - 20 cents.

I had a little get together this weekend, and my girlfriend, Sarah, came bring goodies. She got me the most fabulous yarn for my birthday. It's from a company called Malabrigo in Uruguay. Its a Merino Wool and it is so soft and cozy. I've petted it all day. I really don't know what I'm going to make with this.. but it will be gorgeous. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Angel Hair Scarf!

So, this was the last of the Joann's Sensations Angel Hair yarn. I bought 8 skeins at a great sale and paid $3.10 each, regular price $5.99. It took basically 2 skeins for each scarf, with just a little bit left over of each. I think I'll probably buy another one of each color (if I can find a sweet sale like that again) and make matching beanies.

This scarf (in beige) is going to a girlfriend of mine for her birthday. She's dropped numerous hints that she wants a handknit. The other day, one of her sons pulled my knitting needles out of my bag and started jousting with them. After a mini freak out and visions of little kids losing eyes (I'm a little frightened of all things mommy-related these days), I showed my friend her scarf but didn't tell her what it was for. She started oohing and gooing over it and said that it would look so good on her with her white pea coat. I told her I knew that.. and I was making it to go with mine! Ha! She was all sad after that. When I finished the scarf, I held it up next to my own white coat to see -- and she was right, it does look really classy. Imagine this paired with brown boots!

The yarn has a really awesome quality.. the stitches are in a creamy color, and the fuzziness is the light brown/tan color. Of course you can't tell how beautiful the scarf really is because of the whole Treo situation. It almost looks drab and lifeless, but I promise it really isn't at all.

Total Price: $6.20 (2x2 rib pattern - free)
Time: About 5 days of knitting during my lunch hour
Having a birthday gift finished a month early: Priceless Posted by Picasa

More Moderne Blanket

Yes... I am still working on this dang blanket. It is just taking me forever. It's gotten too big to throw in my bag, so I can only work on a few rows each night. I'm never home these days, so I only work on it for about a half hour each night. This whole two job business with trying to write a thesis on the side isn't quite as easy as I was hoping it would be.

After the current block is complete, there's two more large ones that get put on the bottom, along with a long strip down the right. I'm pretty sure this thing is getting a border too. If I can finish before my big move in 2 weeks, I'll be a happy camper. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cats and yarn

And for the longest time, I thought the wet spots in my yarn got there because it was sitting next to a glass of ice water. Little did I know that it was because Jasmine was trying to eat the yarn.

I caught her in action this time! When I fussed at her, she just sat and looked at me with this blank expression. Believe me though, she knows what she did. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

Birthday Blues

Today is my birthday, and I must say that it was possibly the worst birthday I've had in awhile. Not to wallow in my own sorrow, but no one remembered. Well, let me rephrase that - no one who actually lives in the same city I do, remembered. So after feeling sorry for myself all day, got take out sushi for dinner, bought myself a birthday cake and finished up a scarf. Having another Christmas present completed really feels good. And, not to sound evil -- but none of the jerks who forgot my birthday will be receiving handknits this year.

The scarf is yet another Sensations Angel Hair scarf. I know, this makes my third, but it is such an easy project, with amazing end results. Don't believe me.. look for yourself!

So, my boyfriend way outdid himself this year for my birthday. He met me at a friend's lake house for the weekend. About 15 of us were there to soak in the sun, and it was lovely (minus the fact that every single one of the girls there was engaged and could only carry on conversations involving weddings or invitations or caterers or dresses or... you get the point). Anyway, when he arrived, I met him at his car to help him carry his stuff in. He asked me to get his car charger out of the glove box. When I opened it up, I saw the infamous teal box and I knew it was going to be something lovely because he has amazing taste. This is what I found:

Then.. when I was only half paying attention because I was still in shock at the beautiful necklace, he says "hey look what I found back here!" It was another box that contained these:
I think more than one tear popped up in my eyes. He's such a wonderful man. I know I'm very lucky. I wore them both to work today even though they really didn't match my outfit. Not surprising, the same people who didn't acknowledge my birthday didn't notice my amazing new jewelry either. Posted by Picasa