Saturday, May 31, 2008


I've been in a funk - both in my knitting and my personal life. I've had a lot on my mind, and usually knitting works to help bring me out the funk that's going on. Not today.

However - I'm trying! Since the Obama Knitting Mania, I've tried to keep working on a few smaller projects so that I'm at least being productive. I figure that one day I'll snap out of it if I just keep at it for awhile.

So I made these:

Align CenterDSC01023

Project Specifics:
Pattern: Feather & Fan; Waffle Texture Ensemble
Yarn: Sugar & Cream - Swimming Pool & Landscape
Needles: Size 7
Time: About 2 hours each
Cost: About $1 in stash yarn

The photos don't do the waffle stitch cloth justice. It makes a great textured cloth, but I'd recommend people use a solid or semisolid color. I think it would make it "pop" a bit more.

I also made a hat...

I wanted something simple to work on while I was flipping back and forth between CNN and the Bourne Identity on cable. It really was a hard choice - Matt Damon being a badass or knowing what's going on with the Obama/Hillary neverending saga. In the end, Matt won.

Project Specifications:
London Beanie
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool - Dark green & light green
Time: One afternoon of TV knitting
Cost: About $3 (yay for sales at my LYS!)

This hat turned out a little small. It fit me nicely, but it's for a charity knitting drive where most of the recipients will be men. I have a small head, and the other other adult that I've knit a hat for is the Boyfriend who has a HUUUUGE head. I realize that all men won't be competing with him for Largest Dome in North America, but I expect they'll be somewhere in between.

If I make this hat again, I'd cast on extra stitches and knit an extra inch or two before doing the decrease rounds. It's a cute and simple pattern with lots of room for variations.

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Noro Splurge!

Why yes.. I do know how to knit things other than baby hats!

When Amy and I went to see the Yarn Harlot in April, we of course went yarn shopping. Busy Hands was having a sale, and I picked up Noro at 20% off. It was still a little on the pricey side, but I just couldn't pass it up.

I cast on for this scarf almost immediately, but it took nearly a month to finish. Between exams and 35 baby caps, I had a few other things on my plate.

I like how it turned out. I picked one colorway that was mostly pink and another that was blue/green.

Every once and awhile the colors would be too similar, so I had to do some split splicing to make the stripes a bit shorter. I probably have the equivalent of 1/4 of a skein leftover.

After blocking (although it really didn't need it, I just wanted to wash the cat hair off) - it wound up being 85" long. It wraps around my neck and still has enough "dangle" to make me happy. I'm a fan of long scarves.

Although it's allegedly summer around these parts, we didn't get out of the 50's today. If this keeps up, I might get to use this scarf well before the fall!

Final Specs:
Noro Scarf by Jared Flood, Free
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, 4 skeins - $36
Needles: Size 8's
Time: One month of on & off (mostly off) knitting

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama Knitting and a Contest

I've been knitting as many hats for Obama as I can, but I've started to burn out a little. It seems that a few of us are experiencing burnout after making a blue million of these guys. So, I decided that I'd have a contest to help us chug through the final few states.

We still have primaries in Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana left to knit for. (The mailing dates have already passed for Kentucky and Oregon.) For every hat or bib that you knit for any of these three primaries, your name gets entered once in the drawing.

I realize that we don't all support the same political platforms, and I support anyone's decision to chose another candidate. However, this charity drive is to drum up positive support for Obama's campaign and to show that we've taken Obama's message to heart. Seeing hundreds of baby caps being donated to a local hospital is a change that we all can believe in!

Sign me up! How do I enter?
If you're on Ravelry, sign up for Knitters for Obama. There's a thread that discusses all the ins out outs which will help you get started. You can knit either hats or baby bibs. Just make sure you use soft fibers which are machine washable.

Just send either knittinggurl or knitnic a private ravelry message with the number of hats/bibs that you'd like to donate. When it gets closer to the mailing date, you'll get a ravelry message with the address to send your goodies. The moderators keep up with the tallies, and I'll put you in the drawing based on the number of donations that you have pledged.

Don't have ravelry? No problem! Email me at goldendomer [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me how many hats you'd like to donate. I'll make sure your name gets put in the hat!

Where do I find patterns?
There's so many free patterns out there for you! Here's just a few suggestions:

Simple Baby Bib

Caps for the Capital

The TLL Hat is my go-to pattern:

How soon do you need things?
The primaries are coming up quickly. We try to get the donations mailed to the contact person in each state 10 days beforehand.

Puerto Rico - Primary 6/1 **Mailing date will be very soon
Montana - Primary 6/3
South Dakota - Primary 6/3

The contest will end after the mail date for the last primaries!

Enough of this Babbling! What do I win?
I decided to go stash diving to see what I could come up with, and I remembered some Artyarn Regal Silk that I got on sale a few months ago. It's hard to part with this because I love it so much, but it's for a great cause!

The prize is for two skeins, 163 yards each. It's 100% silk and uses a recommended needle size of 7. The retail price of this yarn is $22 a skein, and you can get it for free for just donating a few hours of knitting time to a great cause.

Knit On!

Friday, May 09, 2008


As of 4:18 this afternoon, I am officially 2/3 of the way through law school. It felt amazing to turn in my last paper for the semester. I finished up exams Tuesday, but I still had a bear of a paper to finish. Before they unleash us onto the world as lawyers, we have to satisfy this enormous writing requirement. I decided to get mine out of the way this semester, and it feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted.

To celebrate, I got take out sushi, poured myself a giant glass of wine and plopped in front of the tv and knit another hat for Obama. I haven't gotten much accomplished other than hats these days.

These guys went to Kentucky:

These went to Oregon:

(I swear, I don't have a prejudice against Oregon. I hear it's quite lovely, actually. I had just pledged my hats to Kentucky instead, but at the last minute I realized I had extras so I mailed them out West.)

And these went wee wee wee, all the way home. Or, maybe just to West Virgina.

There's so many people involved with this project it's insane! West Virgina got a donation of a little more than 100 caps. Here's a picture of the loot that Melissa collected: