Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contest Winners & Thank yous

I'm proud to announce the winners in my first ever blog contest! In no particular order:

I put everyone's name in a list, and then used a list randomizer to sort it. The first few names were the winners. Congrats ladies!

And to everyone else who entered the contest - thank you so much. You have absolutely no idea how much it meant to me to read all your inspiring stories. It made me realize that I can get through whatever it is that I'm facing, and do it with grace. You are all inspirations to me.

Also, BIG, BIG shoutouts to Jen and Amy who sent me the cutest care packages when I was down in the dumps. I love you guys. You're the greatest. (I would post pictures, but I tore into the packages like I was a 12 year old at Christmas.)

Update: It will likely be awhile before my next post. I'm in the middle of crunch time at school. I have a mock trial this weekend, a mid term next week, a major paper due after that, and somewhere in there I have to take the ethics portion of the bar. (Insert favorite lawyer/ethics joke here!) Plus, I still have to find a job for next summer.

I sent out 82 resumes this week in addition to the ones that have already went out in the past weeks. 82! Between resume paper and the stamps, those suckers get costly. Don't they know they are dipping into my yarn budget?!


Opal said...

good luck on your midterm!

Donna said...

Good luck on your tests and resumes. Thanks for the contest and wow I won!! Thanks. Hurry back when you can!

Elaine said...

You'll do a great job I'm sure, and I'm rooting for you to get a terrific job.

And, like Donna I've gotta say WOW - I won. Thanks.

Carrie Penny said...

Good luck on the bar and midterms! When you get a chance, shoot me your address too!

Unknown said...

hi Amanda, I just wanted to to tell you that you've got a very nice blog! I love the contest idea, that was really cool!
This is my blog
Stop by some time...ttyl

Jennifer said...

good luck w/ the school crunch and all the resumes!!