Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cartoon of a Moderne Baby Blanket

In my fit of insomnia, I decided that I couldn't wait to "see" what my finished version of the Modern Baby Blanket was going to look like, so I drew a quick schematic so that I had a rough idea. I'm lovin' it already! I just started the first purple block (4th one total), and I'm hoping to at least knit through half of the 5th one before the weekend is out. I'm a little over booked, so that might be an ambitious goal. A girl can dream, right?

The colors from the photo that I posted the other day really don't do it justice. They are very much brighter and more vibrant in real life. Oh well, I guess that's the best you can expect from a camera phone!

I think my camera (and maybe my television remote) are the two things that I miss most after the robbery. But I did learn an interesting trick by accident the other day - my remote for the small TV/VCR combo works (sorta) for my living room TV. You can't do anything fancy, but you can scroll through the channels and adjust the volume. It tends to get a little annoying when you want to go from ABC Family (Channel 78) to The WB (Way down at channel 5), but it's definitely better than playing the "who's closer" game. Posted by Picasa


Stacie said...

The schematic is so cool. I wish I could do things like that to see better what all the hard work will bring. ;^)

Had some computer troubles for the past few days, but now I've got a new one (school provides it, woo-hoo!) and have updated my blog, my "look," and my bookmarks for favorite blogs to check out. That's why I'm here!

Tandi said...

Can't wait to see the finished pics!