Sunday, June 04, 2006

Christmas Gift #1 - Done!


Of all the many, many scarves that I have made since learning to knit - this one was by far my favorite. I used Sensations Angel Hair and there is a big possibility that it might become one of my new favorite yarns. It's so soft with just a little bit of fuzz - perfect for the midwest winter! It is a 22%wool/50%acrylic/28%nylon blend. I purchased this on sale (of course!) for $3.10 for a skein of 120 yards. I used almost all of both. There's just a tad more left.

The pattern was the "Ribbed for Her Pleasure Scarf" from Stitch n' Bitch. I actually had tried probably four or five types of stitches with this before I decided on the simple 2 x 2 ribbing with size 13 needles. I love the way this turned out. Funny thing is that it almost looks like a stripe running through the middle of the ribbing. I like the unintentional effect!

This scarf is probably going to be gifted to a friend or a family member for Christmas this year. I have two people in mind, and I guess it will just depend on what else I can come up with before December. Both of the girls are pink fanatics and would look awesome in this color.

Total cost: $6.20
Time: a few evenings of watching TV and one lunch hour Posted by Picasa

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