Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Baby Cap

I got a little excited about the instant gratification from the baby hat the other night, so I made another one. I made some pattern modifications, so mine is a little different from the original. I used a thicker yarn and bigger needles, and left off the i-cord tie. Although it was oh-so-cute cute, I was low on leftover yarn, so I just bound off and left it naked at the top.

It was a nice project.. not too mindless with the color changes, but not too complex that I couldn't watch The Way We Were on OnDemand. (Moment of silence for such a great movie!)

Pattern: Errsie's Easy Beanie, Free
Yarn: Remnant Caron Simply Soft in Orchid & Iris
Needles: Size 7 circs
Time: Two evenings of TV knitting

It's way too big for it to go with the other newborn cap donations, so I'm not sure where this hat is eventually going to find a home. For now, it's just going in the closet, but I'm sure a worthwhile cause will find me. I really like the Afghans for Afghans idea, but they request that you send only wool items - and this baby is 100% acrylic. So, I'll just be patient in finding this cap a new home.

**Edited to remove the link to the pattern per the author's request, as she's now charging $3.00 for it & doesn't want people to be able to access it for free. I apologize for this. When I found the pattern on ravelry, it was listed as being a free pattern. If you want to use it for free, you'll need to contact her directly.


Elaine said...

It's really great-looking and I'm sure you will find a perfect head for it. In NY and NJ there are annual winter coat drives to donate new or "gently used" jackets and coats for the homeless or in-need. The nearest place to me is a food-bank (where a group of us from work volunteer). I donated a bunch of caps and scarfs last year and they were thrilled. They said that they would put them out along with the jackets so that people could choose a whole set of winter gear. Maybe there's a shelter (there is a battered women's shelter in our county that takes donations of just about anything and I'd bet a beautiful cap like yours would really be a ray of sunshine in some little girl's life not to mention her mother's)

Sarah said...

Woo! Look at that fair isle.

Jen said...

Oh, that is a very pretty hat. I love it!

Opal said...

What a darling hat! I'm sure you'll find a deserving home for it.

Donna said...

Great hat. I love making baby items-instant gratification is right. My knitting group donates to our local hospital's preemie unit.

Stacie said...

Very cute and perfect for an older toddler or preschooler! There are surely charities for kids needing caps too--thanks for the link to the pattern as I would like to try Fairisle knitting and this might be the small project to give it a go!

Donna said...

Hi Amanda, I went to the door yesterday and what was there? Your box of course. Thank You so much for the goodies. I love them all. I will be posting the lovely stuff very soon. Again, many thanks

NH Knitting Mama said...

Linked over here from Donna's blog... You tell a great story!

Your hat is fantastic - too bad A for A only wants wool. But, I'm sure you'll find a great charity out there that you can donate it to.

hakucho said...

Very cute hat! The colors and the stitch pattern make it really quite adorable.

happy knitting :)

Erssie said...

Can I just say, that this hat has never been free for personal use.

It comes across here as if I had just started charging for something I had previously promised for free for no reason at all, and that is a little unkind.

I allowed it to be downloaded for free for charity use only, and asked that people who did not use it to raise money for charity paid an honesty fee of $3 , 100% of which I donate directly to The Children's Society and do not put in my own pocket. And I had put this information on the Ravelry pattern page too.

However,as a result, people were not honest about using the pattern for charity. I had already promised the Children's Society this pattern and said that they would get any revenue from its use elsewhere which I would collect, and this was not happening, so sadly I had to take down the download and I am sorry to those who were inconvenienced by it.

The status is still the same, this hat pattern is totally free if anyone wants to make it for charity and I will email it to them directly on request.

I am happy that you have donated this hat to your own choice of children's charity. I hope people don't think I suddenly started charging for something for myself.

With regards to any patterns of designers that are listed as FREE, do take care as this means you may use one copy only for your personal knitting use. It does not give anyone permission to publish it either in mags or books or on line on their blog, nor copy it and circulate it although it does mean you can link to the source.

Coveted Yarn said...

Please consider sending us that cute little hat for our contest!
Here is our blog describing what we are doing.
Please let me know if you have any questions.