Thursday, May 11, 2006

Diagonal Baby Blanket

I think I am becoming addicted to finished objects. I live for casting off almost as much as I live for casting on.

I finished the diagonal baby blanket tonight. It doesn't look much in these pictures but the original pattern really shows its true beauty. Everytime I break out the camera to take a picture, my cat, Jasmine, thinks its time for her to be in the spotlight and refuses to move.

I used Yarn Bee Fleece Lite in Iris purchased at Hobby Lobby during the last 50% off sale. Four skeins of yarn (5 oz., 108 yards each) on size 11 circulars made this the absolutely perfect size. I even have enough yarn leftover to make up another baby hat.

The yarn is a lot like Lion Brand Homespun, only it doesn't have the silky threads. It's 97% acrylic (I am by no means a yarn snob) and is really soft on the skin. I absolutely love the color! It is mostly lilac but there are spots of very dark purples, pinks and whites that show up.

If I were planning to have a child in the next 3 years, I might just keep it for myself. But, alas, this FO is going into the "to be gifted" pile for the next time someone has a baby girl.

Total cost: $7.98
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Knitcrazy said...

Your Blanket came out Beautiful.... :)

Claudia said...

Wow, your baby blanket is just lovely! I absolutely adore the color! And it looks very soft. We don't have a Hobby Lobby up here in RI, so I have no idea what that yarn is like, but from the looks of it, it's yummy! Great job!

And I have to agree with you. Casting OFF is a fabulous feeling! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I wanted to reply to your comment, but you don't have an e-mail address posted. Thanks for the compliments. Hope you like my blog!!!

Winnie said...

That blanket is gorgeous!! You must knit like crazy! They should have some type of rating for knitters, like how fast they knit per hour or something :)
Thanks for the fabric suggestion. I actually did some needle rolls today in a cool spring type fabric. I'll take pics tomorrow and probably get around to posting them on Saturday. Thanks for the comments!!

Tandi said...

Your blanket turned out great.
I've tried the Diagonal before but couldn't make it work for some reason.
It looks so soft and rich in that yarn!

Stacie said...

Great baby blanket, and not "run of the mill" so it will be a truly special gift. I also love the cost-effectiveness of your yarn choices. :^)

I love your gray kitty--he/she looks just like the youngest of my feline brood, Pippi. Don't you love the softness of a gray cat?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know your friend Sarah -- we're in a knitting guild together. Your blanket looks great, and your cat is so beautiful!