Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A prime example of why we shouldn't rush..


I am addicted to knitting. Last night when I should have been doing 10,000 other things, I found myself jonesing for an instant gratification knit. I purused through my stash and found some JoAnn's Sensations Life (a wool/nylon/acrylic blend) that I had scooped up on sale a few weeks ago. I decided that I was going to make the purse from the Lion Brand website. Somehow, my purse looks only a fraction as cute as theirs.

I'm not sure exactly what I don't like about it. The yarn is nice, but maybe I don't want to carry around a faux zebra bag? I really am not sure what it is about this bag that rubs me the wrong way. On a good note, the bag only took about 80 yards of yarn, so I have a skein and a half of it leftover. My gauge was a a little off, so I wound up making it 2 inches shorter than what it called for just because it was starting to look a little tall.

I think I'll keep the bag as a reminder of why patience is a virtue in the knitting world. You definitely get what you deserve on 1 night projects.

Total cost: $4.20
Total time: one evening of watching the Eastern Conference Finals Posted by Picasa


Jennifer Halm said...

Your bag is too cute. Thanks for visiting my newbie blog!

Michele said...

.... but hey, when ya gotta knit, you gotta knit!

Sarah said...

Have you ever heard what a zebra sounds like?

Sarah said...

I'm going to start stealing your idea of logging the cost and time required to make a project. That's probably going to be a little scary for me. I have a few questions. Do you include the cost of the needles in a project? Even if you bought them just for the project? What about the cost of a pattern? If you bought a whole book because you liked the pattern, do you charge it to the first thing you make from the book and make it free to everything else? You're the aspiring lawyer here....