Monday, July 24, 2006

Cables aren't really THAT bad..

After getting a cable needle the other day, I was itching to learn how to actually use it. It was surprisingly easy. I found a pattern online that didn't look too difficult, and I cast on. It knit up in no time, although I did make it a little shorter than normal because it is going to my step-sister who is 12. It is another Christmas gift, of course!

Since I wasn't accustomed to using the cable needle, I probably should have started off on something that required a few less stitches to be put on the cable needle. Apparantly, I knit a little too snug, and it was a struggle to get all 8 stitches off the needle. It got better towards the end, but you really can't tell too much of a difference. It is a really lovely pattern.

As I was finishing up the scarf, Jasmine refused to get off my lap. So, to get her back I made her wear the scarf for awhile. She didn't seem to mind, but is giving the camera the meanest look I think I've ever seen.

Pattern: Quick Knit Reversible Rib Scarf - Free!
Cost: About $3 in Caron Simply Soft stash yarn
Time: 8-10 hours Posted by Picasa


Claudia said...

So pretty! I just got a cable needle, too, and I guess I'm going to start with the Irish Hiking scarf. Just need to print off the pattern and try it!

Sarah said...

That's a really cool pattern. Now are you and your cable needle ready for a big aran sweater?

Anonymous said...

Nice scarf - soon you'll be doing complex and twisty cables like in Rogue!

Stacie said...

I love it, and I love the color you chose from your stash too--so soft looking. I was about to start the Irish Hiking Scarf, but these monster cables are so dramatic and impressive that I'm rethinking it. Sounds like this one knit up really fast.

Monika said...

The scarf looks real good. I've saved the pattern for later use. I like the color too and I'm afraid of your kitty, if looks could kill! ;o)