Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

I have big plans for knitting this summer. Big plans, I tell you!

First off, I'm on a yarn diet. I cannot purchase more yarn until I use up at least half of what is in my stash.

Here are my goals for the summer:
2 not-yet-started baby blankets (pattern to be determined)
Finish up moderne baby blanket
***Everyone I know seems to be pregnant, so finishing these are a must for the summer!
4-5 UT Dishcloths for silent auctions that are going on back home
***I will have to break the yarn diet to purchase more orange cotton, but this is excusable.
At least another 10 garter stitch squares for the Rebuilding Greensburg Project
At least another 10 baby hats for my church's Warm Embrace ministry
1 scarf for my church's Warm Embrace ministry
An unnamed gift for a friend. (Details can't be listed for obvious reasons!)

This might be a little ambitious, but I'm going to give it a go. I feel like writing it down will really help me get a handle on things, and this also helps for accountability purposes. If I fall off the wagon, I know someone will scold me.

If I can keep this up and finish all my goals without purchasing more yarn, I'm treating myself to some really nice sock yarn that my friend Sarah recommended. I really, really want to learn to knit socks, but I'm putting the project off as a reward in hopes that it will make me want to work harder.

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Sarah said...

Want some of my stash too?
Glad you're back! Keep knitting.