Friday, June 01, 2007

Mark one thing off the list..

I finished a scarf with horrible yarn. Horrible. But, if I were a 9 year old girl, I can see why this would make me feel like a princess. During exams, my mom sent me a care package that had all kinds of goodies, including some Bernat Disco. I've never been a big fan of those fuzzy scarves, but I don't think she sent it for me to make a present for myself, so I knit it up while watching TV tonight on plain garter stitch on size 15 needles. So, even though I hated the yarn, I get to mark something off my list, I'm down two skeins of yarn, and I'm one step closer to my goal!

Updated Summer Knitting List:

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh! You already did ten blocks and you're doing ten more!? I love you!!!!! I don't have your blocks yet do I? I haven't gotten any packages specifically from East Lansing. Do you know Sharon from Knitknacks?? Do you know Susie and Susan and and and... ?? I'm coming to ... well I HOPE I'm coming to Threadbear to hook up with a bunch of bloggers on July 17th. I hope you'll be there. I could get square from you THEN and you wouldn't have to mail them! :)