Sunday, June 24, 2007

Charity knitting.

During my first year in law school, I really did knit a little - but I did go on a 9 month hiatus from blogging. I don't really have an excuse. I just kinda forgot to document things.

So, today I was having one of those weird "I-can't-sit-down-I-must-clean-everything
-in-sight" moments. I happened upon all the things in my charity knitting pile, so I thought that I would take a picture of a few of them.

The top row are teen-adult hats. The black/gray one is made of Lion Brand Wool Ease. The middle is of Red Heart in Ocean (don't judge! you know you have some in your stash too!). This hat matches the second knitted thing I ever made. The last one is Yarn Bee Luscious. It's leftover yarn from this scarf.

The baby hats are on the bottom row. The first two are in Caron Simply Soft in Orchid, the 3rd in Lion Brand Homespun. (It's leftovers from a baby blanket that I knit & gifted before I took a picture!) The 4th is another Caron Simply Soft in Iris, and the last two are some unknown fuzzy baby yarn that I got on sale for $1. I love using all my little balls of leftovers to make baby hats. You don't need too much, and it always looks so super-cute at the end.

The black/gray one has a funny story. I made it for the boyfriend for his Easter basket. It was the leftovers from a scarf that I had made him last winter. He loves to wear beanies, so I thought that he might enjoy a handknit one. Of course I waited to make it until the day before. After I was finished, I tried it on and it fit me perfectly. Perfectly! It was then that I realized I'd have to make another one. The boyfriend has a HUGE head. I mean HUGE. We have the same hat that we wear to Notre Dame games - mine is in Medium, but a small & a half would probably fit better, while his is an XL & an XL and a half would probably fit. So.. I had to stay up three hours to knit him another one so that the Easter Bunny could deliver one that fit. He loved his perfectly-fitting hat in the end - and the too-small one ended up in the charity pile to keep someone's (much smaller) head warm next winter.

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Sarah said...

You make me feel guilty, woman. I better start knitting some things for charity...