Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Charity Knitting.

(Ed. note: I swear I'm working on my camera issues.)

Here's some scarves that I knitted during my blogging vacay back in the fall & spring. They're all going back home to my church's Warm Embrace ministry. Tennessee doesn't get too cold, but something handknit goes a long way to warming the heart.

The first is Lion Brand Jiffy. I used dusty pink and alternated with the k1, p1 rows and knit rows. It makes a nice fabric, but I don't like the rolling. I originally bought it to match my cute gray wool coat that the boyfriend bought me for Christmas (yay!!), but I didn't like the color in the end. It reminds me too much of the mauve that my childhood room was draped it. Eck. I have some more of this leftover. If it doesn't become a square, then it might be knitted up into a hat. We'll see.

The second is Lion Brand Homespun. It's more of the leftovers of a baby blanket that I knit without blogging about. Oops. Since you can't see a whole lot of stitch definition, I just used garter stitch. This was my "car project" for about a month, so I needed something fast, easy & on big needles.

I've already blogged about the third scarf and my feelings about fun fur-esque yarns. It's best to move on.

The 4th & 5th scarves are made with Sensations Angel Hair. I know it's cheap acrylic, but I love knitting with that yarn. It's so freaking soft & cushy. And cheap. The pink one was inspired by the Republic Scarf, but I didn't add the button. I picked the wrong yarn for it. A button wouldn't have looked good. The second is called "Berry" and is more of an orangey color. It looks very fall-ish. I used a basket weave pattern with each box being 5 x 5 stitches.

However, I think I'm going to retire soon from acrylic yarns. They were good when I first started knitting because I had know idea what I was doing & it was best to waste less money when something wasn't really wearable in the end. But now, my finished objects are actually presentable, so I think I'm going to use up what is in my stash & start investing in better yarns. Goodbye Joann's! I'll miss you and your 40% off coupons. However, I think the hole in my heart can be filled with Threadbear.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

charity knitting, or "compassion knitting" as I've renamed it for my personal projects of that sort, is good for the soul. Good for you.
Thanks for the compliment on my tank top!

Sarah said...

*Sniff* Moving up from acrylic yarns....it's kind of like graduating. We all have to go through that phaze, but it's a special moment when you move past it.