Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's a small world after all.

I love blogs. The coolest thing has happened. Laura, the amazing woman who started the Rebuilding Greensburg project left me a comment. I know, I know.. it doesn't excite others in the same way, but it made me feel special. So, I decided that I'd knit up a few blocks this afternoon. Here you go! I'm up to 16 now.

(I really have to get my camera fixed so that I'm not using my camera phone anymore.)

So, it turns out that Laura will be in Michigan later this summer to meet up with some friends, so it's likely that I'm going to be able to hand deliver all my blocks. She was also telling me about some great knitters and a yarn store in the area that I should visit. (I love that someone from KANSAS tells me about great yarn stores in the middle of Michigan!)

My friend Sarah is coming to town later this month, and I'm pretty excited to have someone to go yarn petting with. Turns out, even she's heard of this great yarn store, and she lives outside of Chicago. I better get to knitting. If I can get a lot of this stuff marked off my list, then I can actually buy some yarn! Yay!

Updated Summer Knitting Goals:

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Sarah said...

I want an entire yarn shop itenerary, that way I know which meetings to skip.... Do any of them have late night knit nights?