Monday, July 16, 2007

The baby sweater & I are BFF's again.

The feud between me and the Child Placket-Neck Pullover has ended (mostly because I needed the needles for another project). I figured out that the best way to deal with the pattern-blooper fiasco was just to rip it out and then not use the pattern at all. From that point on, it got much easier and I was finished in no time.

I still have to find some little cute buttons to put on it. Although the pattern has buttons, it doesn't have buttonholes (?!?!) so, rather than trying to shove buttons through seed stitching, I added two real buttonholes to the neck.

One finished object for Baby Rush 2007! Yay. Would I make another one? Heck no. Love the yarn, hate the pattern confusion.

The yarn I'm using is awesome. It's hand-dyed from Woven Art, and I like the color graduations that go through it. I think it's kinda cool.

(These pictures are dark, so go here for a more accurate color.)

Final Specifications:


Carrie Penny said...

It is very cute! That will be one stylin' baby!

Shelley said...

I'm glad you were able to work out the "issues" with this sweater. It's adorable. I'll be sure to avoid this pattern like the plague.

The Supreme High Ruler of the W. Household said...

Sounds like it was a pain to deal with, but the sweater looks adorable! Good job. said...

Sorry that you had such problems with the pattern. Did you see the corrections on the purl website?
I have knit 3 of them - I must have gotten lucky because if there is a way I will mess it up.

Sarah said...

So cute! But there are so many good baby patterns out there with clever construction (like EZ). You have conquered it, and now you can move on.

DLovesocks said...

Darling sweater! One more thing on my list of things to knit!


Beautiful sweater! Isn't just awful that you have to almost expect that most patterns are going to have errors in them anymore! I love "Last Minute" but I haven't knit the sweater yet! Doing "Baby Surprise" right now!
Nice blog with nice knitting photos and content!

Violiknit said...

Beautiful baby sweater! Sorry the pattern had bugs; I hate having to scour the web for errata pages, but I do it for my sanity.

Jen said...

Beautiful sweater! Your picture makes me want to knit that! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your sweater turned out alright in the end.
I'm glad I'm not the only one having big time problems, with this pattern.
I thought it was just me, being fairly new at knitting.
Would you believe, I'm on my fourth try at this sweater? Yup, fourth try!
This last attempt seems to finally be working out.
But I feel the same as you. I'd never make this sweater again.
Mind if I ask you, how you added buttonholes in the seed stitch border?
Being kinda a newbie, I doubt I'd be able to figure it out myself. lol.
Thanks for any help that you could give to me.
I truly appreciate it very much.

Amanda said...

Lynda, your name didn't have a link to it, so I don't know how to contact you directly. I hope leaving a comment here will reach you.

To make the buttonholes, I just cast off a few stitches in the seed stitch, and then re-cast on the next row. You can also use a combination of yo & k2tog to make the hole. I just wanted something large enough so that the seed stitching didn't get stretched. Who wants to tug at their knitting like that.. especially when there's a baby squirming around?

My emails on the main page, so email me if you want more info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Amanda, for all of your help.
I'll definately email you because being a newbie to knitting, I may need a little extra help with the buttonhole placements, etc....
That was very kind of you to go out of your way, to explain the buttonhole to me.
I'll explain in the email what else I might need to know.
Thanks again so much!
You're a real gem. :)
I hope that my sweater turns out half as nice as yours did.