Monday, July 02, 2007

Upcoming Projects & Updates.

As I was surfing the blogrings today, instead of studying for the exam that I have in 5 days, I stumbled upon McKnitter, who creates some really lovely stuff. (Keep reading, this does have a point!) Anyway, McKnitter linked to Lotus Knits who is having a contest - and I love contests! They want to see either your first finished object (which is here) or what you are planning to cast on for next. Everyone go enter!

So, here's where I must confess about how far I've fallen off the no-yarn-buying-for-the-rest-of-summer wagon. I just put my name on the list for the Tulip Sweater kits at my LYS. I'm not sure when the kit will arrive, but I can't wait to cast on for this thing!

So, dear friends, not only have I bought an unhealthy amount of sock yarn lately, but I have also pre-ordered yarn. It's very sad. However, have you seen the sweater?! My LYS actually does them in alternating colors, so you can switch it around a bit. Plus, I'm still working on my summer knitting goals, I'm just replacing a baby blanket with a baby sweater. That's ok, right?

I actually surfed around the knitting blogs this weekend to see others who are doing this sweater. It's one thing when the Yarn Harlot makes a sweater, but can the average knitter still make it? Well, turns out there are tons upon tons of people making this sweater, and they all are doing a bang-up job, and no one seems to be wanting to pull their hair out. Don't believe me? Here's a perfect example! (I've never made a sweater before, so I needed the reassurance!)

Also, thanks for all the suggestions about knitting books! I love getting comments & hearing what you guys think are great books. I still have a few more days before I have to order, so if you think of anything in the meantime, please let me know!!

What am I knitting currently, you ask? Well, I've finished these socks, and cast of for another pair with my Colinette Jitterbug in Jay. Supposedly, the camera is on its way back to me from Sony repairs, so I'm going to wait a few days before posting a picture.

This week is going to be filled with a whole lot of non-knitting because I have a final exam on Friday night at 6:00pm. Whoever thought that having a 4 hour exam on a Friday night at 6PM was a good idea is just a crazy loon. Wish me luck!!


Sarah said...

You should have let me know! They dye the yarn for that in my LYS, and I might have been able to get the hook up (although even they're vastly sold out of it).

Trish said...

Good luck with the exam... 6pm on a Friday?? That's just mean...