Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stripe-y scarf from long ago

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are so great. I always love getting comments, but comments with birthday wishes are even better!

I'd forgotten that I'd made this scarf, but I really like it. & wanted to post it. I found it today when I was making room in my closet for The Boyfriend's stuff. (He has to be out of his apartment soon, so he's moving in for a few weeks until he takes the Bar Exam. He's studying 14+ hours a day now, so he's like the roommate who is never home. It's great!)

The pattern is a simple, knit one row, k1, p1 & repeat the second row. I blocked it & it stopped a lot of the curling, but I know that it will pop back up. It's to be expected. I started with this pattern before I knew any better.

The yarn is di.Ve Teseo. I really like the self-striping that it does. I've tossed the label already, but I'm pretty sure that the color was 25565 judging from the webpage. I'd picked this yarn up at Sit n' Knit before I left South Bend. The really great thing is that Nicole had a contest back last summer that I won. She sent me an amazing collection of yarns, needles, stitch holders, etc. One of the yarns was a partial skein of this same yarn! I was so excited. Of all the yarns and all the colors, she sent me the same yarn that I needed to finish off this scarf! Since I had some extra yarn, I was able to make my scarf extra long. I really like it, and I can't wait to wear it this winter!

Pattern: Row 1: k1, p1, repeat, Row 2: knit
Yarn: 2.5 skeins Cascade Yarns di.Ve Teseo (maybe $25?)
Needles: Size 9 Brittany Birch Needles
Time: Who knows? This thing was on the needles for months


Carrie Penny said...

It is very pretty, I love pink in general too!

Sarah said...

Very stripey! I like it.
But getting more of the exact same yarn is just astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! And thanks for stopping by my blog!