Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bernat Galaxy scarf

I'm a sucker for on sale yarns. So, when I found Bernat Galaxy yarn on sale at Michael's for $2.00 a skein, I jumped on it. The color is "Milky Way" and it has shades of cream and brown in it.

I didn't quite realize how the yarn knitted up, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The yarn has bits of thick and thin, so I knitted it on big needles (size 13) although size 10.5 was recommended. This was my first time using a yarn like this, and I am glad that I went with the bigger needles. At first I had a lot of trouble getting caught on the thick parts, and then when I loosened up the stitches I had a lot better luck.

I used plain garter stitch and because of the type of yarn, you almost can't even tell it's such a simple stitch. The scarf is SOOO soft! If I find another skein of this, I'll probably knit up a little beanie to match.

At first I was going to gift it, then I tried it on with my white coat and brown boots and I decided that I'd rather keep it for myself. Ha!

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