Thursday, April 13, 2006

Michigan State Scarf

So, I started yet another project. I hate to have so many different things on the needles, but I couldn't resist. I was in East Lansing this past weekend and picked up the perfect green yarn. Since I'm more than likely heading to MSU for law school in the fall, I thought having a scarf for the tailgates would be fun. I know, I know.. that's months away, but I really wanted to start the scarf.

I'm using size 8 needles with Lion Brand Wool Ease. The white yarn has this nice little glitter in it to make it a little girlie. I cast on about 40 stitches and did stockinette throughout, minus the first few stitches as knit to prevent the roll. The pattern called for more colors, but I'm planning to just use green and white (Go Green! Go White!). It's still rolling a lot, but I'm hoping that blocking and steaming will help quench that. Posted by Picasa

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