Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Striped scarf in Tutu yarn - Current Project

I bought some Moda Dea Tutu on sale for about $2 a skein in some really pretty colors. Each skein has about 92 yards. The yarn itself has a little shimmer to it with some papery tassle-like things. It's a really nice novelty yarn.

I decided to knit a striped scarf with a few of the colors. It's turning out really nice. The colors are probably a little too bright for an adult, but I think it would look great on my teenage sister or step-sister.

I'm using a 10.5 needle and knitting every row. The pain is that you have to thread in all the loose ends. Because I'm using so many different colors, it's necessary to cut the ends rather than thread them in - or at least that's what I think. I tried the other way and I just didn't like the results as well.

I'm a little more than a foot into the project. It's time consuming because of all the yarn changes, so I might have to start a second project that is a quicker knit. Maybe more baby caps! Posted by Picasa

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