Monday, April 17, 2006

Progress on the striped scarf

I'm making progress (slowly but surely) on the striped scarf out of TuTu yarn. The knitting itself isn't taking too long, but weaving in the ends seems to take forever! I get bored really easily and tend to only knit one or two color swatched before putting it down again. Good thing that spring is coming because at the rate I am going, the scarf won't be finished until the fall anyway. Posted by Picasa


Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

What great colours!!! That's what I need to do. Pracrice my striping... Did you carry the yarn through out or start new stripes each time?


PS - Thanks for the comment on my "girlie scarf". I've just got to post my finished picture, now.

Goldendomer said...

I'm actually cutting and weaving in all the ends which is part of the reason this scarf is such a headache.

I thought about bringing the yarns up with me each time, but there are so many different colors that I'm afraid it would just end up as a royal mess.